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870 m above sea level on average (from 870 m to 1501 m)
249 inhabitants
3000 ha
15 hamlets

Nestled in the valley of Sioulot, charming mountain village, built fanned around the Basilica Notre-Dame d'Orcival twelfth century, one of the five main churches of Auvergne Romanesque art. His famous Virgin in Majesty is celebrated for thousands of years and in particular by numerous pilgrims for the great Feast of the Ascension.
Around the natural sites:
Lakes Servières (Joined website) and Guery (website ranking and Registered)
Rocks and Tuilières Sanadoire (Joined website)
Roche rickety,
Orcival make a green station of exception (http://orcival.stationverte.com/); also welcomes on his land the surprising Castle Cordès (Classified Site), whose gardens, ingeniously composed on a rock spur, were designed by Le Nôtre.

The town includes fourteen hamlets and as much diversity of landscapes: high summer pastures or meadows Douharesse Servières, beech more sheltered of Bourelles, wood and Rouchaube Train (spruce, larch and fir), alders (on the banks of Sioulot) waterfall and lakes.

Leisure activities: hiking, fishing, climbing, mountain biking, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, mountain-Cap Guéry Centre (open soon).

Very beautiful walks between the town of Orcival and around hamlets. Orcival is in St Nectaire area on Route d'Auvergne cheese (cellar visit).
3 hotels Auberge Le Cantou ***, ** Hotel Notre Dame, Hotel La Cascade
Cottages: cottage 4 ears of Paradise and key Green group of 3 cottages,
1 camping,
seasonal rentals.

Tourist Office in the village (exhibitions all year).

House Confectionery (to visit exhibitions in the year).

Specialties, shops and services.

Post office in the town, open all year.

Associations active in the town:
The Traders Association (organizing many manfestations)
The Musical Orcival (organizing concerts in the basilica)
The club Fleurie Valley (village club 3rd age-events)
The mountains have ears (organizer of the festival "staggered Lake" in July at Lake Servières)
Terres Romanes Auvergne; Orcival is on the Romanesque Route d'Auvergne. (www.terres-romanes-auvergne.com).
The bubble ceiling (home tales reading)

Municipal employees:
1 employee 35 hours
1 employee 20 hours

Economic activities:
ten companies and fifteen farms

Sioulot the Valley